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Finding Your True Wellness Within 

Food is not the only thing that makes you healthy. All the kale salad and chia seeds in the world is not the answer to longevity!

The balance between the lifestyle choices we make and the food we eat is the essence of healthy living. This is why your customized True You™ Program addresses what nourishes you – on and off - your plate.  


We look at Primary Foods (lifestyle factors) and Secondary Foods (the food on your plate) to find your true wellness within. When your primary foods such as physical activity, relationships, health and home environment are in balance, you are less stressed and anxious and your Secondary Foods will naturally fall into place.

In private one-on-one sessions, we'll uncover what’s standing in your way of achieving your wellness goals and make a plan to confront those obstacles. 

Change is hard. It’s even harder on your own. Having a compassionate partner to hold you accountable and hold your hand is key to achieving lasting results. 


*Private sessions (in person or online), every other week

*Email support between sessions

*Handouts, videos and practical information pertaining to your goals

*Recipes and food guides

*Online wellness events with guest speakers

*Gifts and inspirational tools

Now imagine how you will look and feel after you achieve your goals. 

Great, right? Yes, you will!

Schedule your free 45min consultation now.

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