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You’re single again. “Congratulations!” or maybe it’s “I’m sorry”.

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No matter which way you feel, you’re done. You signed your divorce agreement and said goodbye to your lawyer forever.

That’s worth celebrating.

  • The waist you used to have is gone, you feel stuffed in your clothes

  • Your digestion is embarrassingly off

  • You *need* to start your day with caffeine and often end it with alcohol

  • You’re up at 3am more often than not and it’s not always because you have to pee

  • You want to meet new people and date, but can't trust and don’t want to get hurt again

  • You’re craving all the wrong foods but can’t do anything about it

  • You feel lazy but prioritizing everything on your plate is too overwhelming

  • No way are you going to be vulnerable again

  • Anxiety from the last few years makes you second guess your decisions

  • You’re living a secret life dating because you haven’t told your kids yet

  • You want to exercise more but just can’t make it a consistent part of your day

  • You want to be a good role model for your kids and show them divorce is not a sign of failure but a chance to live the life you want to live

  • You want to have an amicable relationship with your ex but need firm boundaries to avoid falling in the same emotional potholes as before​

I have helped people just like you get control of their lives after divorce

so they can live satisfying, joyful lives without the stress

they’ve experienced from their break up.

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But now you see the magnitude all that stress had on your body.

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