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Fresh ways to bring the outdoors into your home by Ksenya Malina of Time and Place Interiors

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Bringing the outdoors into your design is a great way to connect with the seasons and to decorate with simple beauty.

There’s a good reason we’re so drawn to sunlight, fresh air, and trees. It’s grounded in the scientific concept of biophilia, Greek for “love of life,” which describes humans’ instinct to connect with nature.

Research on the benefits of integrating nature into interior design is plentiful. As a certified WELL AP, I know that by incorporating plants, daylight, and nature’s patterns, biophilic design supports cognitive function, physical health, and mental wellbeing — just the kind of care our we want our spaces to give us.

Plants are a great way to add greenery and filtration of indoor toxins. But there are many other ways to use natural elements in your home’s interior design. Bringing a bit of the outdoors into your space is a lovely way to connect with the seasons and to decorate with simple, unpretentious beauty. For your inspiration, I’m sharing tips for introducing nature into your home. Found nature as decor Organic elements from your surroundings make delightful home decor. Pick up a shapely twig from your walk and place it in a floor vase. Gather pine cones from the park into a decorative bowl on your coffee table. Line up a few interesting rocks in a pattern on your windowsill. These elements also make beautiful table centerpieces.

Beach stones on an antique side table in a Provincetown cottage. Design: Ezra Block / Photo c/o Remodelista Nature as wall art Art for your home doesn’t have to be limited to paintings or prints. Try hanging herbs gathered by a string in your kitchen; suspending natural straw hand brooms on a peg rail; or pinning up pressed flower craft projects. The more unrefined, the better.

Wall art of dried grasses add texture to a serene bedroom. Design: Serena Mitnik-Miller / Photo: Victoria Aguirre c/o Pampa

Dried flower bud vases A bud vase adds instant chic. Old medicine bottles, frequently found at antique shops, make for lovely containers for maintenance-free dried flowers. Put one in the bathroom, on a nightstand, or on a bookshelf to throw some pleasure your way. For bonus of fresh scent, try a lavender bundle.

An old medicine bottle makes a perfect bud vase to hold dried thistle. Design: Don Howell / Photo: Justine Hand

Organic accents Nature’s patterns are fascinating. Look to organic elements like conchs, coral, or taxidermy antlers as interesting accents for your home decor. Place them on top of a stack of books, design them into a decorative vignette on a tray, or let them intrigue the eye on their own.

Antlers make for chic wall decor. Design: Melissa Lauprete / Photo: Dana Gallagher

Functional natural products Functional natural products can do double duty as home decor. Firewood logs look cozy stacked on a ledge. A eucalyptus shower bundle adds visual greenery while you indulge in aromatic therapy. Even a bowl of fruit arranged attractively makes for pleasing tabletop decor on your kitchen counter.

Firewood creates does double duty as farmhouse decor. Design: Cucumbi / Photo: Sanda Vuckovic

How will you bring natural beauty into your home? At Time & Place Interiors, we love stylish design that is natural and authentic. Use the link below to schedule a free consultation with founder Ksenya Malina to discuss ways ways we can bring fresh ideas into your home’s design plans. Ksenya can be reach at


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